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Church-Moon Family of Petersburgh NY Facebook page

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Church Ancestors in New England

Church History in America

Biography of Dr. Benjamin Church

Thomas Jefferson's Letters to Angelica Schuyler Church

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History of Church Family of Petersburgh, NY

Church Ancestors' Revolutionary War Records

Background of Settlement in Rensselaer County, NY

Church Family 18th-century Beginnings in Petersburgh, NY

The Church/Stewart Family "Indian"

Church Family Migration from CT to NY

Church Family Ancestoral Homestead in Petersburgh, NY

Church Family of Petersburgh, NY Genealogy

Peter Church Family Genealogy

John Church Family Genealogy

Church/Jones Family Genealogy

Otto Bierwirth Family Website

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Introduction to Frank and Myrtle Church and their Family

Visting Frank and Myrtle Church in Petersburgh

Church Family Vintage Photos 1800s - early 1900s and Reminiscences

Frank and Myrtle Church's Family Photos 1920s - 1950s

50th Anniversary Wedding Photos

1934 Church Family Reunion

"Under the Bridge" Photos in Petersburgh, NY

Church Family Poetry Page

Tommy's Prayer

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1905 and 1913 Petersburgh Grade School Classes

Mrs. Ethel Simmons and the West Grafton School

The First Fox Hollow Festival

Journey to Fox Hollow

“Ode to Petersburgh”

The Church Begonia

The Troy Incident

An Early 1900s Petersburgh Shooting

9/11 Memorial Page

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Cemetery Records

Kinship References Guide

Family Historical References

Genealogical and Historical Links

Church Ancestors' Revolutionary War Records



1876 S.W. Petersburgh

1876 N.W. Petersburgh

1876 S.E. Petersburgh

1876 N.E. Petersburgh

1780 Connecticut

1780 Eastern New York

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