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The 1913 Petersburgh Grade School Class

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1913 Petersburgh School Class

1913 Class Key to Identities

List of Classmates
(Keyed to Picture Above)
From the recollections of Esther Church Bierwirth

1.  - Florence Church
2.  - ?
3.  - Florence Bentley
4.  - Marguerite Jones
5.  - Ethel Littlefield
6.  - Milton ?
7.  - John Burke
8.  - ? Vadigan
9.  - Ernie Powers
10. - ? Vadigan
11. - Edward Durkee
12. - Floyd Castle
13. - C. Malden Wells
14. - ?
15. - Jesse Church
16. - Charlie Burke
17. - Morris Vincent
18. - Roger Moore
19. - Shirley Snyder
20. - Ray Castle
21. - Ned Church
22. - ?
23. - George Durkee
24. - Willard Smith?
25. - Inez Wilcox?
26. - Leslie Vadigan
27. - Clarence Hewitt
28. - Verne O'Dell
29. - Merlin Green
30. - Flora Church
31. - Irving Littlefield
32. - Parley Thomas
33. - Grace Burke
34. - Florence Spencer
35. - Goldie Church
36. - Julia Weaver
37. - Miss Gladys Petit
38. Jennie Durkee
39. - Esther Church

Excerpted Comments by C. Malden Wells
(published in the Eastwick Press in "Malden's Memories" Sept. 12, 2003)

Remember the photo on the web page I talked about in my last column?...Out of the 39 folks shown, I am the only one still alive! Before the grim reaper gets me, oh Lordy, I better get this column in the mail with the names of as many folks as I can identify!

#1 on the list is Florence...Church (McCumber). She and her husband, along with many others, lost their lives in the Berlin propane explosion...Then there's Margurite Jones, daughter of Ken Jones and future wife of Harry Jones.

#6 may be Milton Spencer, a builder. #11 is Ed Durkee. He may have lived in the band box in the Millyard. Then there's Floyd Castle, future owner of the Broken Wheel Campground. #13 (Malden) is shown at six years of age. There's Jesse Church, son of Frank and Myrtle (Babcock) Church. Then Charlie Burke, who pal'ed around with my sister Doris. There's Morris Vincent, a pal of mine in my courting days.

#19 is my very best friend, Shirley Snyder. Shirley and I hunted muskrats together. (My granddaughter insisted I add this.) #20 is Ray Castle, brother of Floyd. #21 is Ned Church, who married Myra Hubbard. I call their son Gene often.

The One Room Schoolhouse's Fifth Year Reader

One might wonder whether the educational opportunities afforded the children in an early-19th century two-room schoolhouse of a tiny mountain village - with grades one to four in one room, and five to nine in another - could possibly compare to our modern heated-and-cooled sleek structures bursting with all sorts of technological and media-related educational equipment...but one look at the content of the fifth-year reader shared and handed down by the Church children will quickly dispell that notion.

No 'Dick and Jane' or 'Jerry and Alice' playground antics in this book. These children of the early 1900's honed their reading skills with abridged versions of classical mythology, esteemed literary works and fables meant to implant the moral values, philosophical perspective, and history of Western Civilization into young minds.

As the preface of the "Fifth Year Language Reader" published by the MacMillan Company in 1908, indicates, (with the frontspages filled with various scribblings and jottings by Esther, Florence, Harriet, and others), "...the dominant element in this volume is the myth, the legend, the heroic tale, in prose and in verse. Experience has shown that such material appeals most strongly to pupils of the Fifth Grade, and it is noteworthy that accounts of heroism - mental, moral, or physical - are apt to inspire children at this impressionable age with ideals that may go far to shape their lives..."

A quick glance at the table of contents gives us an idea of the breadth and scope of the material by listing just a few of the 87 selections therein: "The Wanderings of Ulysses"..."Jason and the Golden Fleece"..."Hercules and the Golden Apples"..."How Thor went to the Land of Giants"..."Siegfried the Volsung"..."The Destruction of Sennacherib"..."How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix"..."Paul Revere's Ride"..."The Skeleton in Armor" (Longfellow poem memorized by Esther)..."William Tell"..."Roland and His Horn"...overall, a representation of the best of literature at that time. - DJB, January, 2002, revised September, 2003


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Graded School Souvenir Card

[Frederic A. Shaver, Prinicpal, Florence Reynolds, Primary.
E.B. Manchester, Chairman
N.H. Niles, W.W. Sweet]

(signed on back by "William M. Stewart June 14, 1905")

[listed on additional cards]:

Advanced Room.

William Stewart

Bessie Powers
Lena Babcock
Pearl Wilcox
Eva Dano

Ralph Babcock
Walter Stewart
Burgess Manchester
Loran Maxon
Harry Reynolds
Edna Snyder

Blanche Green
Leyton Reynolds
Bessie Weaver
Fannie Powers
Archie Weaver
Mamie Maxon
Gladys Pettit
Clara Gardner
Fuller Hewitt
Gaylon Stewart
Harry Bootmann
Andrew Sawyer
Louise Jones
James Steele
George Slyvester
Noyes Reynolds

Ethel Stewart
Ruth Niles
Clarence Bootmann
Susan Piser
William C. Snyder
Ida Maxon
Nellie Crandall
Frank Babcock
Effie Snyder
Maurice Green

Primary Room.

Eugene Babcock
Clayton Church
Tracy Kenyon
Douglas Niles
Harry Stewart
Lisle Sweet
Earl Worthingotn
Ray Wells
Ella Bentley
Ida Manchester
Lulu Maxon
Edna Powers
Lizzie Stevens
Gertrude Stewart
Inez Sweet
Florence Durand

Lawrence Green
Curtis Hewitt
Victor Manchester
Esther Snyder
Ethel Wells
Fred Jones

Charlie Howard
Harry Moses
Floyd Spencer
Elra Stewart
Archie Cummings
Elmer Jones
Ella Worthington
Susie Jones
Edith O'Dell
Pearl Bootmann

Ernest Bentley
Herman Castle
Walter Bootmann
Samuel Scrivens
Arthur Weaver
Harry Jones
Charlie Bentley
Reuben Cook
Raymond Bentley
Stafford Howard
Willard Sweet
Nellie Green
Bertha Moses
Gertrude Niles
Harriet Moses
Pearl Lowrey

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