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Grandmother and Grandfather Church
Church Family of Petersburgh, NY
Descendants of Frank & Myrtle Church
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Church Family History in Petersburgh by Carlton Church
Church Family History in Petersburgh

Church Family archives and vintage photo gallery
The Archives:
Vintage Photos &

Family Photos 1920s-1950s
Family Photos 1920s-1950s
Visiting Grandfather & Grandmother
Visiting Frank & Myrtle
"Under the Bridge" photos
"Under the Bridge"
1930's Family Reunion
1934 Family Reunion
1913 & 1905 Petersburgh Primary Classes
1913 Schoolclass
Poetry Page
Poetry Page
The Church Begonia
The Church Begonia
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Frank and Myrtle Church's early married years found them living at the "Kenyon" farm on Potter Hill near the Grafton/Petersburgh town line, a homestead they purchased off Asel Kenyon around the turn of the century. At that time the road up through Church Hollow connected to Potter Hill Rd. Here were born Marion, Esther, Ned at this "Kenyon" farm, and Jay at "Dog Hollow " (unknown location). Esther remembered her father walking from the farm back down the Church Hollow Rd. to visit his grandmother Patience Ann Stewart at the Peter Church homestead. (Note: See 1876 map of SW Petersburgh and locations of other Church homesteads at crossroads of Potter Hill Rd. and Church Hollow Rd., above "Dist. No. 9" notation. See location of Church ancestoral homestead on 1876 map of NW Petersburgh. - Expect lengthy download of 250 kb. jpeg for each map.)

Along the Potter Hill Rd. at the town line was a sizeable boulder, beyond which the youngest children were not to stray. To reinforce this edict, Uncle Jay warned them of the "One-eyed Enos," his imaginary troll-like creature that lived behind the rock.

Sometime around 1913, when Esther was eight years old, the family moved into and remodeled the old blacksmith shop across from the Petersburgh "Millyard," next to the Main St. bridge over the Little Hoosick River. Frank and Myrtle resided there for the rest of their lives. (Now the Eggsware Residence; see our story "Visiting Grandfather and Grandmother in Petersburgh.")

Frank at home in Petersburgh Village

The Frank & Myrtle Church Family

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Frank had a little Pomeranian pup he called "Prince". He used to feed him from a fork and say, "Off the fork, Printer!"

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Myrtle on a sunny winter's day

Four Church Generations:
Ned and Eugene, with Timmy
in Grandfather's lap

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