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Frank & Myrtle's Family

The Church Begonia

50th Wedding Anniversary Photo
50th Wedding Anniversary Photos

1930's Church Reunion
1930's Church Reunion Church Family archives & vintage photo gallery
Archives & Vintage Photo Gallery

1920's - 1950's...

Esther and Florence Church
Harriet, their youngest child, was born in 1919 when Grandmother was 38
Florence at the well pump

Harriet, about 3 yrs. old


Uncle Jay all duded up

Visiting Grandmother and Grandfather


Uncle Jay and Aunt Rachel with Eileen (b. 1923) and Gretchen (b. 1922). The tykes, striken with diptheria, died within two weeks of each other in Februrary 1925

<<<<<Dick Powers, Harriet Church, and Larry Powers in Grandfather and Grandmother's Petersburgh front yard facing the Millyard


... with Children and Grandchildren

Esther, Floss, & kids
<<Esther Church Bierwirth, Dan & Susie McCumber, Johnny Bierwirth, & Floss Church McCumber. About 1948
Ned, Myra, & Connie - 1943
(Below): Florence Church  
Mike Powers, Richard, Lawrence, Marie, and Marion Church Powers - 1928
Ned, Myra, and Connie Church about 1943
Grandmother's fair skin had no tolerance for the sun. She learned to make hats in the Home Bureau and created a large collection for sunny in the background may be the one Grandfather dubbed "Ol' Dagan.">>>>>>

Grandfather and Grandmother out for a drive
Grandmother and Grandfather Church out for a Sunday drive...

Ned in fashion as a young man
Petersburgh Gathering -1946
Church cousins at picnic - 1948

Petersburgh Gathering, June 6, 1946: Rear row - Jim Bierwirth, Grandmother Church, Jay Church, Grandfather Church, Michael Powers, Marion Church Powers, Bess Carr Cutler, Arthur Cutler; Front row - Susie McCumber, Jean Bierwirth, Harriet Church, Esther Church Bierwirth, Danny McCumber, and Floss Church McCumber

Grandmother Church, Florence (Floss), and Esther >>>>

(Above:) Church cousins at Rt. 7 picnic: Front - Patty Bierwirth, Floss Church McCumber, Jess Waddington, Beulah & Richard Cutler; Rear - Libby Bass Mulready,Grace Mulready Bass, Myrtle Church, Marion Church Powers, and Bess Carr Cutler. About 1948

Many of Frank and Myrtle's grandchildren attended Berlin for secondary education....

1940 Berlin Central
School Classmates

Arnold Copping
Guidance Counselor:
Earl Hewitt

Miss Maxon (Latin)
Mr. Bennett (English)
Miss Gutermuth (Math)
Mr. Smithers (Music)

Bill Craib

Bill Deyoe
Bill Hicks
Delbert Bullock
William O'Dell
Loyal Maxon
Grace Maxon
Marie Maxon
Chuck White
Albert Dabcony
Etta Hodges
Meta Jorgenson
Emily Hartnett
Madge Aldridge
Edith Copping
Laura Snyder

Ray Snyder
Shirley Snyder
Agnes Raymond
Alice Spilka
Betty Reynolds
Billy Reynolds
Milton Jones
Grace Clancey
Agnes Clancey
Gladys Bentley
Charles Bentley
James Sawyer
Robley Sawyer

Hugh Manchester
Ned Manchester
Neil Manchester

Marion Trinimyer
Henrietta Demick
Stephanie Hicks
Sheila Looney
Albert WhiteJack Sweeney
Patricia Craib
Rosie Palubniak
Geraldine Smith
Merle Church
Jean Bierwirth

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