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50th Wedding Anniversary Photos

Frank and Myrtle Church's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1946

(photo size: 49 kb jpeg file)

Frank Church and Myrtle Babcock were married November 4, 1896

L. to r. (seated) - Harriet, Jesse, Myrtle, Frank, Florence, and Edward
L. to r. (standing) - Marion, Eddie Jay, and Esther Church

Austin and Ida Church's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1937

O'Dell Residence, Head-of-Lane, Petersburgh, NY

(photo size: 109 kb jpeg file, courtesy of Carlton Church)

Austin Church and Ida Durkee were married in 1887

Standing, far rear, l. to r.: Walt Church, Charles Bammesberger, Garry Church, (left of stove), Zora Church and Chester Church (right of stove)

Standing, middle rear, l. to r.: Lillian (Blackman) Church, Goldie (Church) Bammesberger, George Green, Unknown Male, Leon Moon, ? Thomas (left of stove), William (Verne) O'Dell, Unknown Male (right of stove)

Seated on couch and chairs, l. to r.: Mae Church, Unknown Female, Flora (Church) Moon, Gertie (Stewart) Church, Lucy (Church) Green, Austin Church, Ida (Durkee) Church), three Unknown Females and baby seated to right of Ida, three Females behind them in front of standing man, Irene (Church) O'Dell, Unknown Female, Helen (Ziegler) Church

Seated on floor in front, l. to r.: Vera Church, William (Gordon) O'Dell, Marilyn Church, Edna Moon, Keith Moon or Lawrence Church, Unknown Female, Unknown Male, Barbara Church, Joyce Green, Unknown Female, Sue Bammesberger (child, legs crossed, facing left), Unknown Female, Unknown Male, Carlton Church (far right)

Ed. Note: these anniversary photos can be downloaded into imaging program and magnified twice the size shown without objectional loss of image quality.

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