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Genealogical and Historical Links
Jan. 22, '06

Church Cemetery Records
Church Family Burial Records

Genealogical Family Tree List
Genealogical Family Tree

Church Ancestors in New England
Church Ancestry

Johnnycake Hill Country Store

johnnycake web crafters (coming soon)

The Troy (Nuclear) Incident
The night a Nevada nuclear bomb test dumped radioactive fallout on Renssealer County (on this site)

Otto Bierwirth Family Website

Church ancestry genealogical forum on the web:

Stephentown (NY) Genealogy

Babcock Genealogy

Grogan Family Genealogical Information

Brown Family Genealogy

Rensselaer County NY GenWeb genealogical research site

Church / Stewart Family Burial Records in Rensselaer County, NY (on this site)

Michael Brown's William Stewart Family of North Stonington, CT - or -

Rhode Family Tree (with hundreds of Church entries, including Church patriarchs in New England)

Index to Stewart Clan Magazine

Mary Celine Scott's Family Tree Maker Site
(688 pages including Church and Stewart listings)

Daniel Bierwirth Family Website

England/New England Genealogical Lineages

History of Petersburgh N.Y. #1

History of Petersburgh N.Y. #2

History of Grafton, NY

Explore New England's Past

1876 Maps of Petersburgh (on this site)

Rensselaer County Historical Society

Rensselaerwyck Manor Records, 1630-1899

E-mail Grafton, NY Historical Society

Rensselaer County Government Info

Kinship Relationships - US consanguineal descriptions from UC at Davis (on this site)

History Online

Revolutionary War sites

Jefferson's Letters to Angelica Schuyler Church (on this site)

How to Comb the Old Canals (on this site)

The Decade of the 1930s

Webnotes: Commentary by Daniel J. Bornt

Personal Web Pages of Danny Bornt

PinellasYard.Org - (Florida Certified Yard Program)
Website created by Daniel J. Bornt

Parkland College Art History and Art History on the Web
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Books to Read & Research...

"The Intellectual Life of Colonial New England," 2nd ed., by Samuel Eliot Morison, Cornell University Press, 1970, ISBN 0-8014-9011-1

"The Emancipation of Massachusetts, An escape in the name of humanity from tyranny in the name of God," by Brooks Adams, with a new introduction by Perry Miller, (originally published 1887), Houghton & Mifflin, 1962

"Saints and Strangers," by George F. Willison, Ballantine Books, 1965

"Demeter's Daughters, The Women Who Founded America 1587-1787," by Selma R. Williams, Athenium, 1973, ISBN 0-689-30494-3

"Colonial America, Essays in Politics and Social Development," 4th ed., edited by Stanley N. Katz, et. al., McGraw-Hill, 1983, ISBN 0--07-033748-9

"Father & Son, a personal biography of Senator Frank Church of Idaho by his son F. Forrester Church," Harper & Row, 1985, ISBN 0-06-039046-8

"American Kinship, A Cultural Account," 2nd ed., by David M. Schneider, The University of Chicago Press, 1980, ISBN 0-226-73930-9

"Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail," by Susan G. Butruille, Tamarack Books, Boise, ID, 1993, ISBN 0-9634839-0-0 (mention of Stewart family emigrants)

"A Documentary History of American Interiors From the Colonial Era to 1915," by Edgar deN. Mayhew and Minor Myers, Jr., Scribners, 1980, ISBN 0-684-16293-8

"The Church Family of Petersburgh, NY featuring descendants of Frank and Myrtle Church" website
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