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Church Ancestors in New England

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is an ancient family of the West of England. The Ancestral Coat of Arms of CHURCH displays a shield of gold with a black horizontal band, with serrated edges, across the middle. Above the band are two greyhound’s heads, and below one greyhounds head. These heads have a blue collar; above the collar they are black, and blue below the collar. Upon the black band are three besants or antique coins of gold.


The name of this famous Scots family is derived from Steward, the official of the household of some great personage. This is confirmed by the Ancestral Arms of the STEWARTS. which is a shield of gold with a horizontal checkered band of silver and blue, which represents the checkered board used in medieval times to compute accounts. This is the basic arms of the family. The family originated in Brittany and cane to the British Isles with the Normans. Walter fitz Allan was the first of the family to be High Steward of Scotland in the reign of David I (1124-1153). The family attained the throne of Scotland through Robert II (1371-1390) who was the son of the 6th High Steward and Marjory, daughter of King Robert Bruce. Since then the STEWART dynasty has given sovereigns to both Scotland and England. Spelling of the name as STUART originated in France where the alphabet has no “w”. Mary, Queen of Scots adopted this form while living in that country and continued to use it after returning to Scotland.


According to the
"Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America"
It seems to be that initially there were
Four Separate & Distinct Church Families
(who may or may not have been related) in
the 17th Century New England Colonies from which Churches have descended

Synopsis from p. 87-88 (See complete abstract below):

Richard Church #1 (1608 - 1668)
Arrived at Plymouth, Mass., in 1630, from Oxford, England
aboard the fleet with Winthrop
Admitted as Freeman to Plymouth Colony 1632
Wife: Elizabeth Warren, daughter of Richard Warren,
who probably came in "Ann" in 1623
Children: Joseph, 16--, Benjamin, 1639,
Caleb, 16--, Nathaniel, 16--, Hannah, 1647,
Abigal, 16--, Charles, 1659, Deborah, 1657,
Died at Deadham, Mass., 1668

Richard Church #2 (16-- - 1667)
Arrived in Newton, Mass., from Braintree, Essex, England
Original Proprietor of Hartford, Conn., 1636
Wife: Ann, (1601-1684)
Children: Edward, John, Mary, Samuel, probably
all born in England
Died at Hadley, Mass., 1667

Garrett or Jared Church, b. 1611
Arrived in Watertown, 1637
Admitted Freeman, 1649
Wife: Sarah
Children: John, 1638, Samuel, 1640, Sarah, 1643,
Mary, 1644, Jonathan, 1646, David, 1657

John Church (16-- - 1696)
Arrived in Dover, N.H., 1662
Wife: Abigal Severance,
daughter of John Severence
Married at Salisbury, Mass., Nov. 29, 1664
Children: Jonathan, 1666, John, 1668,
Ebenezer, 1670, Abigal, 1672
Killed May 7, 1696 by Indians


CHURCH; --Richard, of Plymouth, 1633, had probably come to Massachusetts in the fleet with Winthrop, for he requested admission as freeman Oct. 19, 1630, but did not take the oath at that time. He removed from Weymouth to Plymouth, and was received as freeman of that Colony Oct. 4, 1632. He was engaged as a carpenter in building the earliest church edifice at Plymouth. He served in the Pequot war, sold his estate at Plymouth, in 1649, and was at Charlestown, 1653, and for final residence settled at Hingham. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Warren, who probably came in the “Ann” 1623. Besides Joseph, he had Benjamin, the great soldier, born 1639, Caleb, Nathaniel, Hannah 1647, Abigail, Charles 1659, Deborah 1657.

RICHARD CHURCH, of Hartford, Conn., an original proprietor, removed, about 1660, to Hadley, Mass., and died there Dec. 1667. His widow Ann, died March 10, 1684, aged 83, and in his will four children only are mentioned, viz: Edward, John, Mary and Samuel, all probably born in England.

GARRETT or JARED CHURCH, of Watertown, 1637, was born 1611; admitted freeman 1649. By wife Sarah he had John 1638, Samuel 1640, Sarah 1643, Mary 1644, Jonathan 1646, David 1657.

JOHN CHURCH, of Dover, 1662, at Salisbury, married November 29, 1664, Abigail, daughter of John Severance, and had Jonathan 1666, John 1668, Ebenezer 1670, Abigail 1672. He was taken by the Indians in the war of 1689 and escaped, but was killed May 7, 1696, by the Indians near his own home.


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CORNELIUS, married at Groton, Mass., 1670.

GARRETT or JARED, b. 1611, was at Watertown, Mass., 1637.

JOHN, at Dover, N. H., 1662, at Salisbury, Mass., 1666
RICHARD, carpenter, b. Eng., came to N. E., 1630, in Winthrop’s fleet; was at Weymouth, Mass.; removed to Plymouth, Mass., 1633; was at Charlestown, Mass., 1653; Hingham, Mass., 1657; Sandwich, Mass., 1664.

RICHARD, an original proprietor at Hartford, Conn., 1637; removed to Hadley, Mass., 1660.

" SAINTS AND STRANGERS," By George F. Willison, Ballantine Books, 1965: Appendix A: The Pilgrim Company

...IV. ANNE - of London (140 tons); William Peirce, master; and LITLE JAMES (44 tons); John Bridges, master; arriving July-August 1623, with "about 60 persons for ye generall, some of them being very usefull persons,...and some were so bad as they were faine to be at charge to send them home againe ye next year."...

...Warren, Mrs. Elizabeth (March) (c.1583-1673) - wife of Richard Warren (See Mayflower...)
Married, London, c.1605; 7 children.
...Elizabeth (c.1616-1670)
Married, c.1636, to Richard Church; 12 children...
[Ed. Note: Richard Church arrived in 1630 aboard the "Whale" as part of Winthrop's fleet of 11 ships embarking from Yarmouth on the Ise of Wight to Salem - See ].

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