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Frank & Myrtle Church's Family
Frank & Myrtle's Family

<<Schuyler Church and Fidelia Glynes were married on July 15, 1860. This may have been their wedding picture or taken a few years later.


This photo on cardstock shows Fidelia and young son Charlie. He looks to be no more than two years old so that would place the time around 1865.>>>


<<<(Below, left and right of Petersburgh photo): Frank & Myrtle Church pose for portraits about 1917>>>

Petersburgh, NY, about 1900, looking east up Main St. toward Sawyer's Store; Jones & Jones Store on the right. Wagon on the left is in front of the Post Office, second building on the left side of the photo.


<<Frank Church as a young man.

Half-sister Henrietta Church in the 1920's.>>>>>



Frank's brother Henry Church, around 90 in an early 1960's photo.>>>

The Tragic Deaths of Fidelia Glynes and Eddie Jay Babcock (and Other Stories)

The story: Fidela Glynes Church, Schuyler Church's first wife, and mother of his seven children ranging in age from 1-1/2 to 18, contracted a case of measles at the age of 38 just 15 days shy of her 39th birthday. A doctor was called to treat the worsening illness. Her mother, wanting clean bedding for the doctor's visit, replaced her bedsheets with fresh, but cold linen. Fidela caught a chill from the cold bedding and the measles "turned inward", becoming the dreaded "black" measles from which she was unable to recover. (Ed. Note: Fidelia is buried at the "Kenyon" cemetery northwards off Potter Hill Rd. just to the east of the Grafton/Petersburgh Town Line.)

The story: Thomas Glynes, father of Fidelia, had a been a French sailor who came to this country with Lafayette, deserted his ship, and made his way to Petersburgh where he married and started a family. However, the authorities found him out, arrested him and handed him over to the French who returned him to France where he was hung for desertion.

Ed. note: This is an intriguing tale, but more than likely considerably mixed up with some contemperaneous event or may be referring to perhaps Glynes' father or grandfather. Historically and chronologically, the facts don't add up for this anecdote about Thomas Glynes. Anyone with any info on this story?

The story: Eddie Jay Babcock in the summer of 1882 had only been married to Harriet Church for nineteen months; their infant daughter Myrtle was nearly nine months old that July day. Eddie Jay, in the process of tending the crops at the family farm on the outskirts of Petersburgh village, had covered their potato plants with a sprinkling of the insecticide "Paris green," a bright-green powder derived from acetate of copper to keep potato bugs at bay.

The powder somehow came in contact with a sore on Eddie Jay's foot. When he came in from the field, he felt ill and noticed a red streak running up his leg. A doctor summoned for the emergency diagnosed his condition as incurable (for that era) "blood poisoning." Within 24 hours he was dead at the age of 21.

The story goes that his aunt and mother ignored his deathbed pleas to see his wife. The two older women somehow blamed Harriet for the misfortune, refusing her admittance into the sick room.

- (All stories from the recollections of Esther Church Bierwirth handed down to her through the family.)




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